Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kolak Ketan Durian

Banana compote:
5 pcs banana uli, oblique cut
300 gr palm sugar
500 ml water

Sticky Urap:
300 gr sticky rice
300 ml boiling water
BTR ½ coconut,
½ tsp salt

Kuah Durian:
3 bj durian
300 ml of liquid milk
3 tbsp sugar

How to make:
- Banana compote: cooking palm sugar and water until boiling and sugar dissolve, filtered. Cook again with bananas, the boil. Lift.
- Sticky urap: steamed sticky rice until hot, flush with boiling water, mixed flat, steamed again gingga cooked. Lift.
- Kuah Durian: cooking all ingredients until boiling. Lift.
- Steam grated coconut briefly, gave mixed salt flat.
- Serve: in a container, put a little sticky rice steamed give topping grated coconut, banana compote flush with the sauce and durian.

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