Saturday, December 6, 2008


500 gr sticky rice
1 ltr water
2 tbsp pandan paste
400 ml of water
3 pcs yeast tape round
5 tbsp castor sugar

How to make:
- Wash to clean sticky rice, rendam mixture in 1 ltr water and pandan paste night. Drain. Kepul until steaming hot-kepul.
- Meanwhile, boil 400 ml water, flush-flush into the sticky rice that is still steaming hot, stir well average. Steam 15 minutes back, lift, to get dinginkan really cold.
- Puree yeast tape.
- Arrange sticky green in the container, taburi yeast thin-thin, taburi castor sugar, override with sticky rice, taburi again with the yeast and sugar. Close average, leave for 3 days.

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