Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ice Deg - Degan

Ice Deg - Degan


That - that white powder wrapped 1
600 ml of liquid milk
70 grams sugar


200 g sugar
200 ml of water
Essen cocopandan 1 tsp
Red food coloring adequate


Young coconut meat (degan) 250 grams
Nata de coco 150 grams, ready to buy
1800 ml of coconut water


* Rebus that - so, the water and sugar and stir well to the average boiling. Lift.
Prepare trays that will be cooked with water and then cast that - to dinginkan.
After the cold and torn - torn with a knife.

* Syrup: boiled water and sugar to dissolve, mixed - mixed until boiling. Lift.
Enter Essen Dinginkan cocopandan and red pigments mixed average.

* Cocopandan Serve with syrup, coconut meat, nata de coco and coconut water.


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