Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sate Ikan ( Fish Satay)

Sate Ikan ( Fish Satay)

Sate Ikan ( Fish Satay)
Sate Ikan ( Fish Satay) (, detik)

For 12 pieces pack, 4 skewers
Material:- 1 / 2 kg fish, separate the flesh with the skin, head and prickly- 100 grams of grated coconut- 3 grains of cayenne pepper, crushed- 3 eggs curly red chilli, mashed- 5 red onions, puree- 1 segment ginger, puree- 1 teaspoon salt (add if less salty)- 1 1 / 4 tablespoon granulated sugar- 1 / 2 teaspoon bouillon powder- To taste banana leaves for wrapping- 4 pieces of bamboo skewers prick
Method:Clean fish, remove gills and entrails. Cut fish lengthwise from the tail to the head using a sharp knife. Turn the fish and slice again lengthwise from head to tail section to separate the flesh with the thorns in the middle. Using a tablespoon, scrape the fish meat from skin. Collect the meat, discard the spines, head and skin. Or boiled with 500 ml of water for fish soup broth.
Puree the flesh of fish using a blender or ground with a stone pounder / pestle and mortar. Pour the fish meat into a bowl, give a subtle chili, onion, salt, bouillon powder, sugar and stir well. Add grated coconut and stir all ingredients until well blended, taste the flavor.
Prepare the banana leaf, relaxing with the steam it briefly in the hot steamer. Cut the banana leaf with a width of approximately 15 cm. Take one sheet of leaves, leaf bending as if to make wrapping paper Pincuk or fried peanuts. Embed with staples for leaf shape is unchanged.
Give 1 tablespoon fish batter, then bend the leaf to cover the dough so that a triangular shape such as wrapping a cake or pastry Mendhut bugis. Bend the tip into the leaves so that the folds of the leaves did not open.
Then pack the fish with a pin prick satai, starting from the bottom to the top of the triangle until translucent package. Make 2 pack again and stick on the same skewer. So in 1 skewer is 3-4 bundle of fish. Do it until all dough is exhausted.
Bake broil over the coals or grill wire dikompor until lightly browned leaves and satay no longer dripping.
Remove and serve. Yummy!


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